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Alsace Twp: 14 Kutz Road - BF - Brush On Fire In Yard
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Lots of Brush Fires!

Ross Twp, Monroe County
7300 Block Mount Eaton Rd
Brush Fire
Fire 35 1504hrs nc2
** 1 Acer and growing, endangering a residence
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Fire Incident
Route 22 WB & Macurthar Rd
Bravo response MVA W/INJS
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Brecknock Twp: 5089 Diehl Road - BF - Brush On Fire Next To Roadway
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Kimberly Shupp is this close to your house?

1428 11-17-19
42 N COLLEGE ST, Palmyra Borough First Floor IS - Invest Inside Struct Odor of Gasoline FG 03 W1,STA1 Fire-Box 1-01 EMS-Box 4-1 (01)
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1429 42 N COLLEGE ST, Palmyra Borough First Floor IS - Invest Inside Struct Odor of Gasoline FG 03 ASST1 Fire-Box 1-01 EMS-Box 4-1 (01)

1432 42 N COLLEGE ST, Palmyra Boro First Floor IS - Invest Inside Struct Odor of Gasoline FG 03 TW1 Fire-Box 1-01 EMS-Box 4-1 (01)

1446 Per Command, box is in service. (01)

I was there taking pics....

Winter Weather Advisory 


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Tara Goho, Michael Loh, Joshua J Horvath, Jase Horvath

Shannon Durbin Ben Durbin

Ruscombmanor Twp: 21 Ernhardt Lane - BF
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Dep 5 on scene, working fire. Possibly spreading into woods

Check area for flames possibly 20ft high.

Tanker 19 covering Tanker 34

Be safe!

Any further updates

People need to be more careful, seriously

David Small Jr. you guys okay?!

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3 hours ago



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HOUSE FIRE | 24 N 2ND ST | ALLENTOWN | LEHIGH ... See MoreSee Less

Delayed Overnight (11/17/19) Call:
1 Vehicle Rollover MVA - Vehicle on its Roof - Patient Self Extricated
Dist 17 & 16
1 Lake Dr - Split Rock In front of the Lodge
Lake Harmony

UPDATE: 1701 requested that 1651 come in at a reduced rate and recall everyone else. 0228hrs cc4

UPDATE: 1701 advised County that the call is under control and they will be clearing shortly. 0303hrs cc4

UPDATE: 1651 advised County that they are clear & available. 0358hrs cc4

UPDATE: 1701 advised County that Dist 17 is clear & available. 0309hrs cc4
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Elevator Rescue - Stuck on the 1st Floor with 2 people inside
Dist 16
428 Moseywood Road - Split Rock Galleria Movie Theater
Lake Harmony, Kidder Township

UPDATE: 1601 advised County that they can cancel Dist 16, the people are out of the Elevador. 0943hrs cc4
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UPDATE: 1601 advised County that they can cancel Dist 16, the people are out of the Elevador. 0943hrs cc4

Spanish for elevator.

Elevator,,,, Tor

Swatara TWP on Box 45-1, 100 block of Lincoln Ave for a reported structure fire.

Engine Companies 30, 40, 91-5, 91-2, 91
Truck Companies 91, 91-3, 33, 46
Rescue Companies 91-5, 88 (RIT), YC 69 (RIT), 59
Air 91-2

Chief 91, 91-1, 91-4

*First Alarm*
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Chief 91-1 on scene requesting working fire box for heavy smoke in first floor

Fire attack reporting contained to the kitchen waiting for report from LT on search detail to check extension

Caller is third party reporting seeing smoke thru their security cameras. Multiple animals inside.

Primary search on first floor is complete

Hydrant mid block Chief 91 en route

Primary on second floor complete

Fire in Kitchen

Be safe sending prayers

any word on condition of animals?

Wheres Lincoln ave run off of

Working fire

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Whitehall twp lehigh county
MacArthur and Fairmount ave
Mva involving 5 cars negative injuries request sta 32 for fire police LC9
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Melissa Lynn Benware

Schuylkill County, Pine Grove 16 E 4th Street Possible Structure Fire ... See MoreSee Less

Wonderful news 1201! Hope all continues on the correct Chief Robin Hood. #LCA

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Sending prayers to you Robin πŸ’™


Sending Prayer to Chief Hood.

1811 11-16-19
1486 MOUNT WILSON RD, South Londonderry Twp MV-Accident W/Injuries Vehicle vs Pole FG 03 W3,R2,A191,AmbCo180,STA3 Fire-Box 3-02 EMS-Box 180-10 (01)
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1816 Reported to be a vehicle vs a pole. Pole is sheared off and hanging by the wires. (01)

1822 Command holding the box to Company 3 (01)

1818 1486 MOUNT WILSON RD, South Londonderry Township MV-Accident W/Injuries Vehicle vs Pole **FP needed** FG 03 FP2 Fire-Box 3-02 EMS-Box 180-10 (01)

1827 1486 MOUNT WILSON RD, South Londonderry Township MV-Accident W/Injuries Vehicle vs Pole **additional FP needed** FG 03 FP58,FP38 Fire-Box 3-02 EMS-Box 180-10 (01)

2057 1486 MOUNT WILSON RD, South Londonderry Township MV-Accident W/Injuries Vehicle vs Pole FG 03 W3 Fire-Box 3-02 EMS-Box 180-10 (01)

2118 Per Command, box is in service. (01)

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736 broad street.

Schuylkill twp

House fire
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27-03 with a column.

In the Village of tusky

House trailer fire

Working job

Held to 27 units and 32-30, all other cancel and go available

Working fire



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1457 11-16-19
S WHITE OAK ST @ OAK ST, South Annville Township south of SC - Spill Control Assist PD w/ Debris Clean-up UT58 Fire-Box 58-03 EMS-Box 190-42 (01)
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1511 Per Command, box is in service. (01)

Dist 57,59 68 station 60 - Pottsville Street/West Bacon Street Palo Alto - MVA with unknown injuries ... See MoreSee Less

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Pottsville St/ W Bacon Palo Alto?

Schuylkill County, Pottsville City 1533 W Main Street Motor Vehicle Accident With Fluids Down ... See MoreSee Less

Dist 43 , 52 for the rescue - I81 mm 114.5 north - mva with people trapped ... See MoreSee Less

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Command marking extrication complete at this time

Now advising need dash roll , and door pop performed for extrication

Lifeflight on stand by at this time

52-12 arriving

DC 52-2 will have command

52-52 arriving

Reported 1 vehicle , 1 trapped

52-12 enroute

4360 arriving

Adding dist 5 for 5-13

52-52 enroute

Ops A1

43-60 enroute

Sending prayers

6 hrs ago vehicle over 20 ft embankment at mm 115. What's going on with this road?



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FD 43, 52 for the rescue, Frackville BLS I-81 North mm 115 MVA w/unknown injury ... See MoreSee Less

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25 minutes ago another accident with entrapment at mm 114.5! WTF!

20 ft over an embankment

probably speed has cause

Nominees for our voting have been posted....we encourage you to see this list to decide who you wanna vote for....We were gonna start voting on Monday but since We are Complete with the Set up we will start it Tomorrow at 8 AM ... See MoreSee Less

Dwelling Fire 2nd Alarm
2378 Delaware Drive
Upper Mount Bethel

****delayed post about 40 mins******
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My mom lives right behind this property. She said it looks like the fire was near the chimney & everything is under control. I hope they find the little dog.

North delaware drive is blocked off at Merchants Bank. Use alternative routes

Any updates?

Does this site show what departments are responding

Gene Seidel




Sue Frutchey-Brown

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Video image

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This is my friends house

Another fire in Lehigh township

Mary Wisniewski

Dist 2, 54, 53 - 299 Silvercreek Road - Brush Fire ... See MoreSee Less

Schuylkill-Pottsville-1250 W.Market St-House Fire-Haze of smoke in area ... See MoreSee Less

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Per Captain 55 all units reduce-poss heating system problem

All units clear

District 34 1030 Long Run Road Wayan Township AFA ... See MoreSee Less


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Fire is out not to bad damage down the street from me

Sarah Lambert Is this best you?


Cyndi DiTacconi isn't this is behind you

Tyla Jackson near you?


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Dist 5,52 station 4 - 1209 valley rd - cass twp - brush fire ... See MoreSee Less

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5-14 advising 52 units to cancel

Hello everyone.....on the 18th of November through the 22nd we will be running our Fire truck and Company Voting...….typically we do this every April but I decided to change it to November.....we will be using google forms to do the voting....we have also added pictures so you can see what the apparatus looks like.....those pictures are from Schuylkill County`s Dan Markiewicz.....You will vote for the best engine, ladder, tanker, brush, rescue, utility and ambulance and the best truck overall and best company in district 2-9, 10-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-68.....voting will start next Monday at 6 PM

Nominees are listed below

Sheppton-Oneida Volunteer Fire Company Best Engine, Best Company and Best UTV

Sacramento Community Fire Company Best Engine

Hometown Volunteer Fire Company #1 Best Engine

Walker Twp. Fire Dept. NEFC Best Engine

Cressona Fire Company No.1 Best Engine

Schuylkill Hose Company #2 Best Engine

Nuremberg- Weston Volunteer Fire Company Best Ladder

Washington Fire Co. Community Ambulance---Best Ladder and Best Rescue

Pine Grove Hose Hook and Ladder---Best Engine

Coaldale Fire Department Best Ladder


Phoenix Truck 68-21 - Pottsville, PA Best Ladder

Good Will Fire Company Pottsville---Best Brush

Good Intent Hose Co No 1 Best Tanker and Best UTV

Mahantongo Fire Co. Fire District 10 Best Tanker and Best Company

Newtown Vol Fire Company---Best Tanker

Ringtown Valley Fire & Rescue Co. Best Tanker and Best Company

Rangers Hose Company, Girardville, Pa. Best Tanker

Mount Carbon Fire Company---Best Tanker

Liberty Fire Company. Sch. Haven---Best Tanker

Delano Fire Company---Best Brush

Hegins Valley Fire-Rescue Best Brush and Best Rescue

Hegins Area Ambulance Association Best Ambulance

Ravine Fire Company District 21 Station 1 Best Brush and Rescue

McAdoo Fire Company---Best Brush and Best Ambulance

Summit Station Fire Company---Best Brush and Best Utility

North End Fire Company Best Brush

West End Fire & Rescue Mahanoy City---Best Rescue

Orwigsburg Fire Department Best Rescue

Tremont Fire Company #1 Best Rescue

Donaldson Fire Company---Best Utility and Best Company

East End Fire Company Palo Alto---Best Utility

Tower City Volunteer Fire Company---Best Company

Pine Grove EMS---Best Ambulance

Friendship Fire Co. No.1, Englewood Best Company

South Cass Fire Co---Best Company

Joliett Fire Company Best Company

Ryan Twp Fire/Rescue---Best Company

Tuscarora Fire Company Best Company

West Penn Fire Company---Best Company

Auburn Fire Company---Best Company

Good Will Hose Co. Cressona---Best Company

New Ringgold Fire Company---Best Company

Goodwill Fire Company Port Carbon---Best Company

Forestville Citizens Fire Company Best UTV

Rainbow Hose Fire Company #1 Best Company

Columbia Hose & Steam Fire Engine Company No. 1 Best Company

Deer Lake & West Brunswick Fire Co. #1 Best Company

Landingville Fire Company---Best Company
... See MoreSee Less

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Sacramento no long got the UTV. Hegins Area Ambulance got a UTV now

Is there a Best Ankle Award?

Best tower! Rainbow hose co. #1

Missed like 3/4 of the county in this lol

Best brush. Good Intent Hose Co. LLewellyn !

How about the tallest truck in jobtown? Ladder 58-25 pine grove North End FC

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Oh no!! I heard all the fire trucks going behind my house on Easton. Hope they can get it under control.

Not far from my house, yikes!

This is unfortunate. Prayers for everyone

Nobody was in building. My husband works to the building connected

Fire is out

Possibly fatal just called for corner and for st 18 to respond

isn't there a pallet co. there to?

Anyone know if Fuller Paper company was affected?

What is burning?

Oh shit

Chris Vrabel

Wonder what you’re breathing

πŸ”” πŸ”” πŸ””

Heather Kichline this may explain your question!

Jason Oswald Richard Kennedy do you guys go here?

Trevor Shuder

3 alarm now

Jose Maury Sr. 😱

Worse possible type of business to have a fire

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****Update 3rd alarm requested******

Working Commercial Structure Fire
2906 William Penn Hywy
2nd Alarm requested
Palmer Township
NCA - 1709hours
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Upgraded to a 3rd Alarm assignment.. #Nc12

2023 hours Fire is Out

Prayers for everyone involved including first responders. Is there any update.

Even it my work there for pallet Express

Taylor-wharton building

Be safe all!!

I think that is across from Easton High

Going 3rd Alarm

What kind of business is that

Stay safe out ther gentlemen

Did they call medvac? One is circling around that area can see from my inlaws.

Possibly fatal the ask for the corner

Is that the pallet place?

Tara Lynn Amadore



Raymond Romano



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Derry Twp - 400blk Heritage Ln House fire ... See MoreSee Less

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1625 Per Dauphin County, holding the box to units on scene. (01)

1 week ago

Central PA Alerts

Centre Twp | Perry | 788 Foose Road | MVC | Co 8, Ambulance 49, Medic 81 ... See MoreSee Less

1 week ago

Central PA Alerts

Saville|Perry| 8021 Raccoon Valley Road | House Fire | Co 3,4,7,8,10 Juniata air 48, Tanker 13 ... See MoreSee Less

1 week ago

Central PA Alerts

Oliver Twp | Perry | 753 Oliver Street Extended | CO 2 Dectector Activation | Co 10, QRS 109 ... See MoreSee Less

Lower Swatara Twp on Box 59-5, 200 block of Brookside Dr for a reported house fire.

Engine Companies 59, 55
Truck Companies 50
Rescue Companies 59
... See MoreSee Less

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Conflicting reports. One caller stating a mobile home on fire, one caller stating wires on fire near a mobile home, one caller saying something is on fire but not sure what.

Still no electric in this area! I don’t think very man people noticed because of it being late but we haven’t had electricity for about an hour

Is it a trailer on fire

Is it working

That explains why we have no electric.

David Keller

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1 month ago


City of Lebanon
407 East Chestnut Street

Working Structure Fire

Homeowner called 911, reporting house filled with smoke and fire. Police on scene confirming a working fire.
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Feeds/areas currently monitoring include: Berks County, Carbon County, Cumberland County, Centre County, Dauphin County, Lancaster County, Lebanon County, Lehigh County, Northampton County, Schuylkill County, and 12-County Fire. The feed updates automatically when a new status is posted. The page will also refresh every 5 minutes if left open in a browser. Enjoy!