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Windsor Township: 103 Balthaser Road- MVA UNK- Vehicle into yard
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Hmm... wonder what caused that to happen... hope no injuries

Hope occupants are ok

Operations off berks fire ops 2

19 minutes ago


Schuylkill County
Tamaqua Borough
127 Gay Street

Confirmed working residential structure fire.

Fire District 65 (Tamaqua Borough) responding.
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125 gay street with possible entrapment. Confirmed working fire ... See MoreSee Less

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County stated neighbors made contact with residents but. Command dont know if there is anyone inside

Negative entrapment

What city

Schuylkill / Tamaqua Boro / 127 Gay St. / House Fire / 00:10

***Working Fire***

Photo credit Kcirtap Shawn

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Initial reports of people unaccounted for. Still waiting on word

Working fire

Geoffrey Wetherhold

127 Gay St. Tamaqua for a fully involved house fire ... See MoreSee Less

Dist 65/Tamaqua Rescue - 127 Gay St. - House Fire ... See MoreSee Less

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Heavy fire from the first floor

Ops A1 confirmed fully involved

Possible entrapment

Now reporting everyone out

Ems on scene with unknown on family being out

Everyone accounted for

Mark Adams

Dennis Wetherhold Jr, Geoffrey Wetherhold

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Tamaqua - WSF. Possible entrapment ... See MoreSee Less

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Pd on scene working fire.

C65 declining the need for a ladder company

C65 declining a RIT response from Carbon County

Fire blowing from first floor

Everyone’s out

128 Gay street

Location in Tamaqua?

EMS on scene unknown if family is out at this time

Be safe prayers

Everyone accounted for

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District Township: 999 Huffs Church Road- MVA W/ENT
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Assistant 39 reporting 1 patient confined, will need to be extricated, no injuries at this time

Deputy 97 reporting victim extricated

Deer swerve or drunk driving?

Union Twp: Route 724 IAO North Main Street - MVA W/INJ - 2 Vehicles
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Schuylkill:Dist 65 transmitting box 14. Garage fire ... See MoreSee Less

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Per PD on scene, cancel the call

cx call per pd

incoming box

tamaqua borough

420 washington st.

garage fire

box 14
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cancel the call per the police department

FD 65- 420 Washington St- Garage Fire ... See MoreSee Less

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From Police.... cancel the call

65 is Tamaqua

What town?

cx call




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Cheyenna Nichole

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Really? Just trying to throw a scare into everyone? I hate all this crap.

21:16:14 25-01-20 box: 79-06 PERSON STRUCK CLEARVIEW SHOPPING CENTER, 1000 CARLISLE ST, HANOVER BORO, cross streets: KUHN DR, DART DR / RADIO RD unconsc/not breathing units: FIRESTA793,EMSSTA793,MICU79-1,SUPV79 [2116] (117) ... See MoreSee Less

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Praying for all involved.

Wow...hope they are okay!!!

Flying a helo, R79 with LZ in the mall parking lot



Prayers sent up!

Prayers πŸ™





Sending prayers ... just passed this accident πŸ™πŸ»


πŸ™πŸ™ had just been through there. Hope for best.

Any updates? πŸ™

Sending prayers

STAT MedEvac 13 in the air


Any updates? Male or Female?

Sending prayers

Prayers for the injured.



Ops channel

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Lower Nazareth
Hecktown Rd @ Nazareth Pike
Accident w/Injuries
1955hrs nc2
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Sending prayers


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Quick knock down for the southside BFD. Good work!!

Be safe, Men!

1915hrs nc2
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5 hours ago



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Main fire knocked-checking for extension.

Kelly Fisher-Andrews

Thank you Richard Shook May God Grant you Eternal Peace. May you be reunited with your wife Joan. 

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May he RIP with Joan. Now the Shook’s and the Pummer’s are up there together again. Bill, Maryann, Joan and Rich...God speed.

Joan and Rich, it was wonderful to have had the privilege to run with you both at NOVA & MALS. I learned a lot from you both. May God Grant you both Eternal Life and May you be reunited in Heaven.

We knew them when we started the East Allen fire company great people may they rest in peace

For those of you who knew him, back in the day of Medic 75, the MALS unit - Richard Shook passed away this AM. My condolences to his daughter Cindy Geist and family. We as Monroe County Medic 7 Paramedics, had great respect and indeed, fashioned our Medic QRS unit and equipment inside set up after Medic 75. Thank you Rich for your dedication, passion and patient care over the years. Your life helping did make a difference. God speed.
Thank You Steve Kulick very well said.

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😒 R.I.P. Richard Shook. πŸ™ to the family. ❀ ya Cindy. Joey, Zachery, and Bella!

Rich may you rest in peace. To his wife,daughter,& family the Kunkles will keep you all in our prayers.

Thoughts and Prayers to His Family R. I.P Richard Shook

I am sorry for your loss.

R.I.P. Brother we got it from here


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Towamensing Twp
00 Block Walnut Dr
Tree Wires Smoking
Dist 1 9 1403hrs cc5
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Eric Cheresini

Thank you for your hard work..!

District 43 Frackville Fire Oak/Nice MVA unknown injuries ... See MoreSee Less

District 45 Giradville Fire 246 West Main Street vehicle fire ... See MoreSee Less

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45-12 on scene all other units can cancel

Engine 45-12 responding

Chief 45 on scene

Chief 45 responding

What type of vehicle was it?

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1014 STATE DR, South Lebanon Twp SF- Structure Fire Possible House on Fire FG 03 E25,E48,L48,R25,MU194,FASPCITY STA,STA25 Fire-Box 25-01 EMS-Box 190-11 (05) ... See MoreSee Less

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1014 STATE DR, South Lebanon Township SF- Structure Fire Active Fire *Additional Units Needed* FG 03 E29 Fire-Box 25-01 EMS-Box 190-11  Station 29 (05)

Station 31 for RIT 1102 (05)


Command requesting Med Ed to the scene 1102 (05)

Per crews in the basement all visible fire is knocked down, heavy smoke condition in basement. 1106 (05)

Per command 48 the box is in service, all units are returning. 1303 (05)


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On this day in 2014 a dump truck careened over Dead Mans Curve on Route 61 The Grade between Frackville and Saint Clair.  Crashes have significantly decreased on this stretch of road since it has been reduced to one lane due to deteriorating conditions.  The road was scheduled to be completely overhauled but I have read that PennDOT may have changed their mind.

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It has been decided to put more money into the interstate and less into secondary road ways. That way the trucks hauling all the products from over seas have good roads to travel on. So basically the local people that need to travel roads every day get screwed.

i was wondering if they were just going to stick to one lane for safety reasons

From what I read the$ 55 million dollar project is now a $5 milllion dollar project.and may not be done till 2022.

Money probably going to Philly or Pittsburgh.

Make the truckers pay taxes like the railroads

Thanks for nothing PenDot

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higher elevations may see some icy spots this morning on secondary or less traveled roads. Use caution heading out. Cc5

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That would be here... either coming from Main St. and lost control after the curve in the road, or coming from Pine St and didn't turn at all... Given how far the SUV is past the gate (photographer is standing in the driveway that the gate was across), I'm guessing the lost control coming from Main St... Having grown up in West Catty, I can tell you that cars never obey the limit on that stretch...

What is this near ?? I can't quite figure out the location.

Pine street is in west Catty. Coming off Pine st bridge.

Praying no one was badly hurt

Sending prayers

Any info on the driver?

Wow prayers

Tim Johnson your missing out

How the hell did they get over probably speeding

Amanda Danielle Santos


Wade Reinhard near you?

Hope everyone is okπŸ™

Dwayne Benware

Did the lady make it???

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Video image

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Dist. 54, 2, 27, 65 for the Ladder, 68 stations 10, 20 30 and 60 - 66 Kimber St. - New Philadelphia- Smoke in a Structure ... See MoreSee Less

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Dryer vent in building melted. No active fire

63RIT also due

Can't wait for parade season, huh?

Fire out ☺

Quinn M. Cromyak

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Columbia / Sugarloaf Twp / 46 Kingsbury Dr. / Building Fire with Possible Entrapment / 20:30

***Working Fire, Multiple Buildings Involved***
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Fire under control. Units not on scene to cancel and return

Unattached building on fire. 2 unaccounted for. Endangering multiple other structures.

Stations 150, 260, 320 and MICU 800 due.

Initial building on fire reported to be a garage

Lycoming Station 27 due.

Now another structure on fire.

Unit on scene reporting the building fully involved

Adding Fairmont Twp from Luzerne

Multiple explosions

People accounted for yet ??

Fairmont just cancelled. Fire under control.


explosions going off now have multiple structures

Holy hell


Sounds horrible

Kody Welshans

Gary Perna Jr.

Jim Hoff

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After midnight the temperature will drop. Not sure exactly what we will see but use caution driving the over night hours. Cc5

District 62 Saint Clair Fire 449 South Mill Street possible chimney fire ... See MoreSee Less

2 days ago

Central PA Alerts

Liverpool Twp | Perry | 205 Susquehanna Trail | MVA involving a school bus | Co 5,9, Snyder 101, Ambulances 59,79, Juniata 95-1,95-2, Snyder 51,52,81, Perry Medic 81 ... See MoreSee Less

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2 students with no injuries need only 2 BLS, 1 ALS

Report three vehicles, one a school bus

Prayers for all




Kevin Neumayer, this just popped up.

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I knew something big happened.. was driving through Bethlehem and saw 6 cops flying with their lights on. Praying for those involved.

Plus Bethlehem

I hope it wasn’t any employees who were shot 🀞🏼

Jesus Christ. I hope all the kiddos are safe. I teach in Allentown school district and when they tell me they can’t go outside because it’s dangerous and there are shots fired every night it breaks my heart.

Was on my home from work which is about 1.5 miles from the scene and took a detour. Told my husband it must have been a car accident. Wow. Had no idea it was a shooting.

Same shit, different day! Welcome to Allentown

jesus christ! please hope they are ok! right outside our family store this is exactly why they close early!

Apparently a robbery at Drakes Pizza. 2 males shot, one in the chest in cardiac arrest.

I guess that’s the cops I heard driving past my house...

Keeping it classy Allentown 🧐

It right by my house and Pinehurst wasn’t involved 🀦🏻‍♀️

It’s Bethlehem not Allentown. 🀦🏻‍β™€οΈπŸ€¦πŸ»‍β™€οΈπŸ€¦πŸ»‍♀️

This is that small bit of Allentown on the Bethlehem side of the river. I've always viewed this area as being like.... nah Allentown that's yours

Who really gives a damn what city it was .....crime is everywhere why try to labelize one city to be more dangerous? Shit happens everywhere

Drakes pizza . Allentown/Bethlehem border, Allentown jurisdiction

Yea Allentown. All American City. πŸ™

Allentown or Bethlehem doesn’t matter , someone was killed. Thinking of everybody involved. 😭

Are there any updates on this?

Sad news being discussed confirming one fatality.....

The pizza shop called drakes

It's easier to use a gun these days instead of throwing hands and knuckling up like when we were kids 🀷‍♂️

Same situation.

I heard them in Bethlehem too by 8th ave

And were living here in Allentown


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2015 01-23-20
2750 HANFORD DR, North Lebanon Township Lebanon Valley Cold Storage N Leb Twp AFA- Auto Fire Alarm FG 03 E9,E39,L9,RE14-1 Fire-Box 9-02 EMS-Box 190-20 (01)
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2024 Per Command, box is in service. (01)

2 days ago

Central PA Alerts

Burnham Boro | Mifflin | 625 E Freedom Ave. | Inside odor investigation | Co 1,3,EMS 12 ... See MoreSee Less

2 days ago

Central PA Alerts

Derry Twp | Mifflin | 276 Green Ave. extended| MVA with Ejection | Co 4,13,EMS 12 ... See MoreSee Less

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EMS to expedite

One pt laying on the roadway

Air medical on standby


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This was My Great Uncle Julius' and Great Aunt Pauline's home, They came from Germany and built this house themselves a long long time ago. I remember the big front porch and playing up on the top and running through the grapevines. And of course the bats that would fly around and scare us as night fell. The fireworks on July 4th and the sparklers they let us play with. we would run around on the acres of land all day. I was just talking about his house this week. Loved going to play there. of course he is long gone and possibly his son Erich who I believe owned the house afterward. Prayers for the current owners

I passed 4 firetrucks from Macungie to Allentown on my way home and I was curious where the fire was. Prayers to the family and responders!

Almost purchased this home years back πŸ˜₯

Patrick, that is your friend Brian's house? Had the uncle that used to go 4- wheeling with you two.

Who's on the box?

are the flames in the walls?

Kat Collins - this is why the road was closed

Neil Cramsey Donna Bergenstock Kershner Louis Holler Pat Polzer-Hunsberger Bobbie Holler Bruce Cramsey

Sydney Stanton


Lisa VanSant

Nicole Marie Fegley

Where on susq

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Lehigh County
Salisbury Twp.
1400 Block E. Susquehanna.
Second Alarm Dwelling Fire
... See MoreSee Less

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Third alarm just dispatched.

What all fire stations were dispatched there ?

Delayed Post

... See MoreSee Less

This weekend at Progress Fire 32

3 days ago


... See MoreSee Less

Boro of Penbrook on Box 30-2, 2300 block of Boas St for a kitchen fire

Engine Companies 30, 32, 37, Coty Wagon 4
Truck Companies 32, City Tower 1
Rescue Companies 33
Air 91-2
... See MoreSee Less

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Holding the city units and company 32

And Company 30

Coal township

1400 Gowen street
1st alarm working garage fire
... See MoreSee Less

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Be careful brothers and sisters

Box in service

Cumberland | Shippensburg Twp | 100 S Conestoga Dr (Walmart) | Pedestrian Struck | Box 152-01 | Engine Co. 52, Ambulance Co. 73, Medic 73 | (07) ... See MoreSee Less

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Ambulance 5-73, Medic 1-73, Engine 252 responding. (07)

72 year old male with foot ran over. (07)

I shop there all the time because Chambersburg drives me nuts. People use that parking lot like a drag strip. Go way too fast even in crosswalks. Hope he’s ok.

Mount Carmel
Avenue and poplar
Fire police needed - station 6
... See MoreSee Less

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Traffic control due to a funeral right off the bridge at the church

Box in service

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St 24, 75 IPO 67
Main st / LEHIGH St
@slatington Bridge
Mva W Injuries
... See MoreSee Less

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2402 on scene Requesting 2441 respond non emergency and to park at bank. Lc7

Stay safe everyone who will be out driving. Along with our Local First Responders...
... See MoreSee Less

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The life you save, may be your own and first responders We Thank You πŸš¦πŸ™

Thank you. I had to drive in it.

Thank you be safe

I’ll stay home!! You stay safe

Thank you. You too!

You too !

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Washington Twp., Lehigh County
Motor Vehicle Accident
Mountain Road, between Route 873 & Laurel Lane.
Stations 24, 6, 67 dispatched
... See MoreSee Less

Image attachment
With the impending Snow storm coming .. We ask you to help us out....  if there is a Fire Hydrated close to you or even across the street. PLEASE TAKE THE TIME CLEAN A PATH for emergency personnel.  Make a path in front of your house, so If needed, EMS CREWS have a better way to access there pts. Remember.... every second,  every minute counts..

Attn there is a working structure fire happing right now at the former rag factory on east loyd street in Shenandoah multiple units are on location it has struck 3rd alarm with tanker task force. ... See MoreSee Less

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That's a video of it that is right now

Wow big fire!

Franklin | Greene Twp | 955 Shatzer Rd | Auto Accident w/ Entrapment | Box 44-03 | Engine Sta. 4, Squad 41, Ambulance 1-7, 11-9, 11-8, MICU 103, CC Ambulance 4-73, Medic 1-73 | Ops 5 | (07) ... See MoreSee Less

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Units on scene with negative entrapment. Four patients. (07)

Township shutting road down. (07)

MICU 103 requesting command to check availability of air medical. (07)

MICU 103 requesting command to check availability of air medical. (07)

Our power went out for a minute.

What happened?

Is everything ok any updates?

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Cumberland | Southampton Twp | 196 Walnut Bottom Rd (Parson’s Ford) | Smoke in a Building | Box 252-104 | Engine Co. 52, 54, Truck 53, Ambulance Co. 73 | (07) ... See MoreSee Less

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Headquarters advising single caller, was a passerby, saw smoke coming from the building. (07)

Truck 53 on scene, smoke from the bravo side. (07)

Chief 54 advising after speaking with shop worker, appears to be a furnace malfunction. (07)

Engine 152, 254, 154, Truck 53 responding. (07)

Robert Tracey

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District 48 respond area of blaschocks coal company mva with injuries 48-15 and 48-50 on location ... See MoreSee Less

Happy New Year ... See MoreSee Less

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Happy new year u all be safe

HAPPY new year

Happy New year

South 14th Street, East Centre Street, Mahanoy City - wires down ... See MoreSee Less

512 West Maple Street, Mahanoy City - Garage Fire. ... See MoreSee Less

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Fire is knocked down and under control.

Working fire.

400 Block of West Spruce Street, Mahanoy City - multiple calls reporting a structure fire. ... See MoreSee Less

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Flames coming from division two of the building and wires arching

Fire is now under control.

Fire is now under control.

2nd alarm.

Working fire

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