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Kutztown: West Main St and Constitution Blvd - MVA/UNK ... See MoreSee Less

Mount Penn: 1979 Woodvale Ave - Hazmat

Odor of natural gas
... See MoreSee Less

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Sending prayers

Muhlenberg : Ramp from 5th Street Highway to Route 12 - MVA/UNK ... See MoreSee Less

2 Vehicle MVA - No Injuries - EMS 8-27 was Rear-Ended
2474 Rt 115
Brodheadsville, Chestnuthill Township

York County
1/21/2021 1:27:53 PM --- Box No. 99-502
Incident Type FIRE ALARM
... See MoreSee Less

York County
1/21/2021 1:33:35 PM -- Box No. 68-02
Cross Streets I 83 NB / I 83 NB, LOCUST RD
A68-1 BLS
... See MoreSee Less

Chester County
CHURCH ST & PATTON ALY -- West Chester Borough
01-21-2021 13:20:31
Station 51
... See MoreSee Less

CO Issue with Illness
Station 29 / EMS 303
100 Block of Spa Ct
East Stroudsburg, Middle Smithfield Township
CO Issue with Illness
Station 29 / EMS 303
100 Block of Spa Ct
East Stroudsburg, Middle Smithfield Township
MVA with Injuries
PSP / EMS 1820
I-80 E/B @ MM 306
MVA with Injuries
PSP / EMS 1820
I-80 E/B @ MM 306

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Prayers Sent 🙏

Prayers Sent 🙏

Oh that was me y’all, we’re good

NC10Image attachment

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Perhaps dementia?

I strive to be this iconic

Remember the good-old days when Wegmans was all over security and would detain someone if they stole a sandwich? www.nytimes.com/2001/12/02/nyregion/millionaire-fugitive-has-been-caught-but-mysteries-remain.html

Maybe her stimulus check didn't come in yet...

Cecilia was running late for Linda’s wine and charcuterie party. She couldn’t be bothered by actually paying for her items! 😂😂

Seems like thieving is okay anymore......

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FD6,26-I81 South Mile Marker129 MVA with injuries ... See MoreSee Less

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Wow great survellience what is this 2000 and why even bother putting up the one from back

I dont understand what the problem is. All of these stores have been getting robbed over and over. Get security already.

Come to the Poconos where you can shoplift at the crossings and get away with it!!!!!!

I can't believe the one guy isn't wearing a mask. Kudos for the blue jacket for safety 👍

Wow how many blue Chargers can there be in the county ?

Maybe security should move their office down from the back to that area. Seems like the stores from Polo on down get hit more often.


Wow, what a surprise!

Did the outlets get hit again? Last week it was Hugo boss

The worst part is we have to let the steal. I was let go from a store at the crossings cause I was fed up and stopped a shoplifter. They think they can get away with murder. Worth it though.

Brooke Buckman

Serenity Mind Seriously? Lol

It’s not Woodbury Commons, with high end stores and security walking and driving around. On top of the store’s own security!

Jazmarie Sinning

Get better cameras maybe security at the door. Hmm

They cant afford better cameras there? Like come on.

Where's security? They Should have one outside for every 3 stires.

680, so they took a complete outfit? 😂

They all look the same....hard to identify

Wow. How many people just walk right in and walk right out of the crossings like this already.

Brandon Bando

Anyone still wearing Tommy Hilfiger should be arrested

Shea Uchetel 😑

The gov is listening lolol

Lmao dumbest criminal ever to NOT have his mask on smh.

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NC10Image attachment

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Only took you 6 months to look into it. Bethlehem’s finest, everyone

The rule used to be no hats no sunglasses. What’s wrong with no masks at the atms or bank windows. ? I think it’s ridiculous!

The bank should cover the missing funds.

If this really did happen in August yall dropped the damn ball on this one.


They can look at last transaction from when the woman was their?

I'd know that mask anywhere.

Guess she didn't no she was being recorded or just didn't care!!!

Typical scum. Hopefully, they can get her.


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Receiving reports of 911 shortage were the 911 and non emergency lines are ringing busy due to a technical difficulty. If you have an emergency and are unable to reach a 911 operator send a bystander to the nearest fire department, ambulance station, or police station! If you can get to one yourself safely you can go as well. Parts of Cumberland, Adams, Franklin, and Perry County are having issues in some areas. ... See MoreSee Less

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Juniata County 911 is down as well. Lumen (Century Link) is experiencing a multi-system failure/outage, phone lines are down. 911 hard lines and admin lines are not working. Juniata 911 has 2 cell numbers you can call to reach the 911 Center 717-513-3362 or 717-513-3392 Lumen is aware of the issue, unknown time of repair.

Hanover area which affects both York and Adams.

Also Adams County as well.

Adams: 717-334-8101 Cumberland: 717-961-9843 Franklin and Perry Counties have the ability to receive Text-to-911 only, no phone calls.

Per Dauphin County, we are not affected

No sound.

This is a telephone difficulty and happens frequently. It is nothing to be alarmed about. It is not affecting Dauphin County...Adams, Cumberland and Franklin and Perry Counties are being affected.


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No sound

Its also for Perry County as well

Motor Vehicle Accident With Injuries
Fire Districts 4 & 9 / Palmerton Ambulance
In the Area of 5735 Pohopocco Drive
Towamensing Township
919hrs CC8

UPDATE - 903 notified county he is responding, county advised him two vehicle accident with both vehicles in the roadway, one male has a head laceration, unknown extend of injuries for the other male, he is walking around 921hrs CC8

UPDATE - 451 notified county they are responding 923hrs CC8

UPDATE - 959 notified county they are responding 930hrs CC8
... See MoreSee Less

TRAFFIC Harrisburg 83NB At 81. Slow and stopped traffic. Backlog Starting at south bridge at time of post ... See MoreSee Less

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Capital Beltway currently flowing smooth all directions.

Motor Vehicle Accident With Entrapment - Vehicle Into A Pole
Fire District 1 / Lehighton Ambulance 5616 / Palmerton Ambulance
1445 Little Gap Road
Lower Towamensing Township
742hrs CC8

UPDATE - 5616 notified county they are responding, county advised them it is a one vehicle mva into a pole, the occupant is entrapped, not alert, and he is bleeding from the head 743hrs CC8

UPDATE - 101 notified county he is responding 745hrs CC8

UPDATE - 151 notified county they are responding 748hrs CC8

UPDATE - 101 notified County they are requesting a flight, the landing zone will be at the Carbon County FairGrounds 800hrs CC8

UPDATE - Little Gap Road will be shut down per PSP 802hrs CC8

UPDATE - County notified 5616 and 760, Life Flight 6 just lifted with a 5-10 minute ETA 803hrs CC8

UPDATE - 101 notified county they are clear from the accident scene and little gap road is now open 825hrs CC8

UPDATE - 141 notified county LifeFlight is In the air and they are returning 844hrs CC8
... See MoreSee Less

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I saw this and stopped by medivac for a second to say a small prayer for the person. Vehicle looked bad ! And it hit a tree not a pole. My heart goes out to those involved





Angela Heffley

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Motor Vehicle Accident
Fire District 1 / Palmerton Ambulance 760
/ Lehighton Ambulance 5612
Hahns Dairy Road at Spruce Hollow Road
Lower Towamensing Township
1713hrs CC8

UPDATE - 760 notified county they are responding, county advised them two cars are still in the roadway with fluids down, unknown on injuries, the vehicle is smoking 1714hrs CC8

UPDATE - 5612 and 101 notified county they are responding 1715hrs CC8
... See MoreSee Less

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Wow. Praying for those involved.


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4 weeks ago


Schuylkill County

Ryan Township

Working House Fire.
Tanker Task Force requested.

Captain 26 on scene, two story residence.
Fire showing from Delta side.

County advising that PSP recently dropped someone off at that residence a short while ago with a drug issue.

PSP requested...and 3 PSP Troopers arrived on scene within a few minutes.

Scene now secure, units laying in with 5" LDH.
... See MoreSee Less

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Four tankers on second dispatch.

Fire knocked. Hoarding conditions present. Extensive overhaul.

Fire now coming out of a vent hole... Crew also requesting an attack line to be recharged.

First in apparatus being told to pull a 1 ³\⁴“ line. Captain 26 thinks they might be able to knock it with tank water.

1 month ago


Schuylkill County
Cass Township

2nd Alarm House Fire

South Cass;
Minersville Stations 2, 3 and 5;
Llewelyn; as well as
Pottsville Stations 50 and 60 for RIT.

First hydrant had very little water. Second hydrant was "turned with a sledgehammer" and is supplying.

One engine also went out of service (mechanical) within the first few minutes of arriving on scene.
... See MoreSee Less

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Crews went interior again. Found a big hole in the floor. Crews backing out again to regroup and launch a third interior attack from the front porch. Hydrant at Rudy's still shut down from the vehicle. Estimating ten more minutes until they can flow again.

The hydrant at Rudy's also has minimal flow. Second request for water into the tower.... "we can see where this is going."

IC saying that the fire is now defensive...interior crew then radioed that they are STILL on the second floor and have not yet evacuated!

Requesting a water source to the tower.... "this is getting ugly and we need to go defensive"

Minersville is hitting the Alpha side with the tower ladder. Fire looks to be substantially knocked down.

Water supply established at Rudy's Bar. That hydrant also was supposedly frozen but is flowing now.

IC asking 3-10 if they can establish a water supply. 3-10 responded stating they have been flowing water for ten minutes.

IC now requesting Schuylkill Haven for RIT. Pottsville units are needed for suppression efforts.

Vehicle just struck a supply hose.

52-14 requesting his response time from County.

51—12 now being told to withdraw, they are going exterior. Fire blowing out of the second story on Alpha side

Somebody saying "we're not going defensive yet"

Cass Township now assigning Chief 5-3 as "Safety Command"

20 minute PAR check. PP&L responding. 63-21 also responding.

Evacuation tones now being sounded.

Crews have exited the rear of the structure.

63-14 responding.

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1 month ago


Schuylkill County
Tamaqua Borough
Fire District 65
House fire

31 North Railroad Street
Tamaqua Borough
Multiple structures on fire.

***now upgrading to a second alarm***
... See MoreSee Less

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Units apparently bailed out of the kitchen onto a back porch due to deteriorating conditions.

County ordering all units to clear Alpha - 1, "interior units in distress in the kitchen".

65-2 has full accountability of units. They are going defensive at this time. All first and second alarm units are on scene or responding.

Police department now reporting a possible resident still in an exposure building. PD and Fire to investigate.

Chief 65-2 ordering all units to evacuate the structure. County hitting alert tones

County suggesting 65-2 conduct a PAR check.

Red Cross notified. Ryan Township requested to respond for rehab.

Adding Fire District 40 and 48

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