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Liberty Fire Company 1992 Pierce Arrow Pumper For Sale

The Liberty Fire Company No. 4 of Schuylkill Haven is selling its 1992 Pierce Arrow 1500 gpm pumper. Click here for more information & photos.


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Robeson Twp: 594 Gunhart Road - Brush Fire
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Chief 24 on scene, small working brush fire

Franklin County
Peters Twp
Sun May 31 2020 19:42
Shut Road Down
Mercersburg Rd & McDowell
Lincoln Way & McDowell
FP 9
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Franklin County
Sun May 31 2020 19:42
Peters Twp
2629 McDowell Rd
Barn Fire
Fire Box 9-18A
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2018 05-31-20
302 N 5TH ST, City of Lebanon Chashire Manor Apartments AFA- Auto Fire Alarm E19,E16,L20,R24,SQ22,STA15 Fire-Box 15-05 EMS-Box 190-21 (01)
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2025 Per Command, box is in service. (01)

2 hours ago



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Hope all involved are okay

It was probably a car jacking lol

car accident?

Tajei Marie

Ashley Nicole

Jacqueline Arney You ok?

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20:13:37 31-05-20 box: 89-104 MVA W/ROLLOVER NORTH FIRE TG , 2432 EASTWOOD DR, SPRINGETTSBURY TWP, cross streets: ERLEN DR, WHARTON RD / SUNDALE DR 2nd call / 40 M / conc/ unk units: FIRESTA891,TK89-1,R89,E89-1,89ALLCALL,EMSSTA2-2,A2-61,MICU2-57 [2013]
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That’s right by me. I was wondering what all the sirens were for

Wellll someone was certainly going more than 25.

What is going on with all these mva with roll overs today?

Praying 🙏 🙏

Lots of sirens this evening

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FD 39 & 34 (station 2) respond 1435 Wynonah drive-Lake Wynonah for an atv accident ... See MoreSee Less

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Atv into a ditch - one person injured

It was behind my home across Wynonah. We could see the flashing lights.

I pray it's not serious

Prayers it's not serious

Prayers 🙏🙏🙏


Prayers for the injured 🙏

Any update?


Jenny Wuerstle

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1945 05-31-20
195 ROCHERTY RD, North Cornwall Township Sheetz East SC - Spill Control Gas Spill FG 09 RE14,CHF14,STA14 Fire-Box 14-04 EMS-Box 190-10 (01)
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1948 Fuel leaking from a vehicle at pump 4 (01)

2001 Per Command, box is in service. (01)

19:28 - Silver Spring Twp. 1200 block Bent Creek Blvd. Motorcycle Accident. Box 31-11. SQ31 SQ33 E31 MP33 C231. EMS 171 272 88 Ops_2. ... See MoreSee Less

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One unconscious patient, checking on available of air medical

Cumru Twp: Route 222 SB IAO Mohns Hill Road Exit - MVA w/ INJ

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No ems or fire needed

18:19:27 31-05-20 box: 39-40 GAS LEAK OUTSIDE SOUTH FIRE TG , 503 NEW BRIDGEVILLE RD, CHANCEFORD TWP, cross streets: CHAPEL CHURCH RD / OLD STATE RD Propane leak units: FIRESTA39 [1819]
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Cancel the call

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Looks like they did things peacefully. Thank you to everyone involved for being above the nonsense going on in other cities. I love the 1st amendment, and when people use their rights in a proper manner, whether I side with their opinions or not. Again, thank you protesters for keeping it civil

Glad no violence or vandalism! Hopefully this is the end here!

a black person holding up a sign saying "ALL LIVES MATTER"....i applaud you 👏👏👏👏

Brandy Meulstee

Matt Brown

Catherine Frantz

I'm still trying to figure out what this protest bullshit accomplishes? Still dont have an answer because it does nothing.

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FIRE 24, 29, 9, 11 RIT, EMS 67
1610 HRS

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Just heard all units not on scene recall

Why is there never updates

Couch fire on porch. All clear now.

Becky Rhyne

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They look to be on the sidewalk and not on the street?

It always starts out peaceful

I wonder how many know the name George Floyd 🤔

What’s with the sidewalk or street? They protested, that’s the point. Let it go.

Thank you for keeping it peaceful.

What do you mean seems? That is a peaceful protest.

they good people having a voice

Aren’t yal mad that it turned out to be a PEACEFUL PROTEST 😂😂haha haha u didn’t get what u wanted sorry not sorry

Peaceful protest ✊🏾

Side walk not street and peaceful

What has been accomplished????

Peaceful for now....

Wonder how many are from out of the area?

What are they chanting?

Mark Elliot O'Hearn

Chuck Joseph

Magen Carter

Kristine Huntzinger


Jillian Orndorff Shawna Killian Kayla Sep Carla Kramer Chuck Kramer

Half them fat slobs need to lose weight glad they found a reason to walk. They should have Walked to target and got work boots

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8 hours ago


Newsworking been busy the last 24 hours and have full videos of all the latest post that you see here. Give us time and all will be uploaded to our YouTube channel in HD quality. ... See MoreSee Less

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A rapper named Killer Mike gave an incredible speech this past week, in it he said "That it is your duty not to burn your own house down for anger with an enemy. It is your duty to fortify your own house, so that you may be a house of refuge in times of organization. And now is the time to plot, plan, strategize, organize, and mobilize,”. I suggest looking it up if you haven't seen it. He lists real ideas that will make the needed changes. I kept asking my friends what can I do to help make changes and they had no ideas but now I know where we can start,

The police are not the enemy. The enemy is yourselves. This accomplished absolutely nothing. That little speech with its wording just sounds like more hate mentality.

Do they have a video

Judie Edwards

Really... like Allentown needs more bs!!!! I agree 110% cops are fd up these days, shady ass mfers but keep the protesting clean or you’re making yourselves look bad!

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Prayers 🙏🙏🙏

Prayers for everyone involved


prayers 🙏



Prayers 🙏🙏




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15:42 - Boro of Carlisle. 1000 block S Hanover St. Fire Alarm. Box 41-02. E141 E145 TR45. ... See MoreSee Less

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Military time as shown, its it's a delayed posting. Happens often

Is this from 25 minutes ago or from 3 this afternoon?

There has been reports of protests that are gonna happen in Pottsville tomorrow...the city is removing vehicles from there properties...I know how most of you feel about the death of George Floyd and the police officers actions were extremely uncalled for....if any of you have heard about what Minneapolis and St Paul look like right now its devastating...not only do we have COVID-19 going on and now protests....i understand Freedom of Speech and you have the right to express your feelings about whatever you want...but please people are starving and need food and other supplies to survive so please DO NOT act like the dumb idiot's in other PA cities and throw bricks at Police and burn down businesses because if pottsville goes in flames tomorrow...that means your taxes are going up and there will hardly be anything left in Schuylkill County.....so please we ask you remain safe if there is any protests tomorrow and DONT DO ANYTHING STUPID

I also think if you try anything stupid such as burning down buildings or throwing things at Police you should be arrested and be put in Jail because that is ABSOLUTELY UNCALLED FOR I know y'all wanna do the right thing so please do so

Please remember we are all equal...dont matter if your White, Black, Asian, Indian, Mexican we are all AMERICA....ALL LIVES MATTER

Also remember Police Officers, Firefighters and EMS are protecting you so protect them
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You really think they are going too listen to this post they are going to protest wherever and do whatever they can to get attention no matter what I hope the first responders in Pottsville stay safe during this and I hope they dont burn anything what does any business have to do with this nothing

This post was amazing until your final sentence! Way to antagonize even more. You want to talk peace. But then add a sentence like that. The quality of this post just went down the drain.

Justin David Startzel is you are talking about my comment there is no reason to go and burn business down they didn't do anything they need to protest at the police stations and that's it in stead of oh let's burn this place to the ground

Good post Allan

Hope NOT


#BlackLivesMatter just as much as ALL lives do!!

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📸 Christopher Good

Comment on Facebook

I was there til about 1:45 and everything was peaceful. Is there video evidence of things getting out of hand?

This is not protesting, this is anarchy. The solution is to go to the said protest, watch the actors creating violence, follow them home, and destroy their property. It doesn’t matter who they live with either. Mom & Dad, brothers and sisters, friends, doesn’t matter who they live with. Violence begets violence. I know the people they live with will accept the actionable decisions brought upon them with love and understanding.

It was peaceful. Till someone drove into the crowd and the police showed up like this.

Is this true?

Where were these people protesting when senior citizens of all races were left in nursing facilities to succumb to COVID 19 without an appropriate plan or protection by Tom Wolf and Levine?

Please be safe everyone who is working, and the protesters!!!

They need to deliver a truckload if big screen tv’s and sneakers......that usually help people get over social injustice

Yup Antifa is beginning to arrive. No surprise there!

Everybody in Harrisburg is already broke Harrisburg 90% of it is low income housing the other 30% is drug addicts an the ones that are not broke don't live in the city but the outskirts cuz after dark I don't go out to scared an most people don't see what we see I grew up in Harrisburg there is gunfire every night it sounds like fireworks that's how bad it is cops take four hours to show up when you get robbed fingerprints all the windows and they ask you what do you want them to do about it it's about time something gets done the police don't want to do their job unless it's an overdose or something like that but it's sad but it doesn't need violence but be treated equal not harassed by police but Achly treated fairly but no one cared about the cops before the man dies should of been long ago but doesn't need violence just want people to respect each other an there badge an be a adult an think about others not just the pay check all lives matter even the police that want to do there jobs not the corrupt ones

I was there & seen none of this

I wish people could act like adults. They arrested the cop, hope they arrest the others and put them all in general population, but that doesn't mean the rest of the world needs to be just like those cops.

All staged & paid for. So sad.

Harrisburg doesn't need to be burned down, looted and destroyed, protecting is necessary.

Sure didn't take long to get back to normal so sad for all of us just takes the few to insight the bad in peot God protect our friends and family and community

Wait until dark falls… It’ll probably get worse, like the other cities.

Another show with paid actors, Dem produced.

Would love to come help the police

With all the shootings in Harrisburg wouldn’t it be nice to see this particular group of people march for peace in the burg?

Harrisburg used to be full of life where people didnt have to live in fear of coming out of their house.... Instead they would come with a friendly greeting ......

Prayers for our law enforcement & any innocent folks just in Harrisburg for other reasons ! 😳

And this gets answers to what destroying stuff hurting officers etc. Pathetic

Well I wonder if there will be snitch forms filled out since the protestors are clearly not listening to Wolf and Levine......... 🤮. On a serious note please stay safe out there all of you first responders.

Nothing like using all caps to rile everyone up. This is NOT an official site of the City or the Commonwealth.

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1507HRS CC5

UPDATE: County advised 201 that Life Flight 6 is on Standby, the LZ will be at the Medical Building on Bank St. 1513hrs cc4

UPDATE: 201 requested County dispatch a 2nd ALS he has 2 people down. 1515hrs cc4

UPDATE: 201 advised County to standdown Air Medical, they are transporting by ground. 1530hrs cc4
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UPDATE: 201 advised County to standdown Air Medical, they are transporting by ground. 1530hrs cc4

UPDATE: County advised 201 that Life Flight 6 is on Standby, the LZ will be at the Medical Building on Bank St. 1513hrs cc4 UPDATE: 201 requested County dispatch a 2nd ALS he has 2 people down. 1515hrs cc4

Prayers to the people involved. 248 is one of the worst roads to ride on. Its a shame our cars and bikes get that beat up, our friends loose their lives because our state refuses to fix this road properly.

248 needs to be fixed. Its horrible for motorcycles to drive on. I was behind one today and every time his front wheel hit a bad spot it shook. Very scary. Prayers for those involved

State say no money to fix the roads...more this year then ever...a lot of jobs that were to go on this year have been canceled because of money

Almost a year ago less than 1/2 mile from this scene a motorcyclist lost his life😪

That road needs repair so bad.. very dangerous prayers to involved

My husband and I ride and 248 is a death trap for motorcyclists!!!

Prayers they will be ok .


Prayers sent


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Luzerne County/ Hazleton City Fire 139 and Medic 11 (11 A)/ 542 Branch Ct./ Possible Structure Fire/ smoke in double block residents ... See MoreSee Less

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Engine 2, C-2, Rescue 3 on scene. Occupants are out of the structure. Investigating

Schuylkill: District 64, 43 for 4320 and 48 for 4850- 300 block of s west st working fire

County advised of reported shots fired before the fire started.
... See MoreSee Less

Swatara Twp on Box 45-1, 6100 block of Huntington St for a structure fire.

Engine Companies 30, 40, 91, 91-2, 91-5
Truck Companies 33, 46, 91
Rescue Companies 91-5, 88, YC 69
Air 91-2
... See MoreSee Less

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91 engine laying out from 61st and Clearfield

Working fire box dispatched

PD on scene with smoke coming from the basement

PD confirming building evacuated

Ops 3

Control marked holding whats on seen

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Weather statement.
We got lucky here in Northumberland County, This time.around. yes we had some trees down and utilities Investigation, But We got very minimal of the storms that they called for, for our County.
Yes we got some heavy rain ,wind and some lightning.
But neighboring to the south and east got hit harder.
Here is hopefully no damage or injury(s) to any civilians or first responders.
God Bless.
... See MoreSee Less

Thanks to At A Moments Glance 

Fridays public service announcement.

Mutual chiefs do not need to call responding.

No one cares that your chief, captain, lt, fire police captain or retired pancake maker are responding.

Put your engine, ladder, rescue, etc responding and carry on.
... See MoreSee Less

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In Schuylkill, the radio has way too much traffic. However, the discussion needs to begin for using common terminology for apparatus identification. There are 3 different number systems in the county. In Berks, it's just about perfect. "Engine xx", "Tower xx", "Tanker xx", "Chief xx", and so on. Let's get some kind of standard communication!

Okay if fire distract 68 is out on a call n they have at least 8 chiefs state law requires you to call in so they know who is available n not if something else comes in! The only time any other chief or deputy chief LT Captain assistant ect needs to call in is if they are in command of something! Otherwise it should just be Schuylkill County 68-71 (Just throwing out numbers) responding! And so on for whatever is needed for the call

I beg to differ as a driver 90% of the time and a occasional fill-in officer i like to know who is coming into the scene so u can use them or put them to work with a assignment to lighten your work lode

Precisely! The apparatus is being requested mutual aid. If anything, the apparatus can radio for its assignment and indicate the number of personnel on board. The mutual aid officer can also check in, on site, with the accountability officer or IC. No need for all those extra radio transmissions.

Talk about wasted time on the radio. There is no need to call the county, county acknowledges you, then you tell them you are responding, then they acknowledge you again. Waste of time. Just say it! County Engine x is responding. County acknowledges and the transmission is done. I'm glad I dont have to talk on a schuylkill radio because I would say it once and only once. I'll call you and tell you what is responding and that's it. If you chose to not listen, that's on you not me. What a waste of time.

Up in Berwick PA they get call n we hear it like the following Berwick fire department... (the call) 2 beeps Berwick Fire department stations (whatever the call is for ladder tanker engine ect) 120 110 130 80 (the call) then we wait 5 minutes at max for 2 page and so on! Usually it goes like this! County Berwick chief responding followed by all the different trucks ect! Ems out of station 90 91-98 R122 T-121 S-124 Water-123 w/ boats 123-1 123-2 E-131 E-81 E-111 call in responding no captain assistant chief or LT saying responding unless on the scene n have control of the call! And also there is no fire districts n fire police always responding with the tones dont need a separate call

Question, if a chief does not call in responding, and has an accident in route, will the insurance cover it? The answer is legally no because there’s no record of them responding. That’s why we have radio etiquette

You all also need to keep in mind, schuylkill county has 1 dispatch center and over 100 fire departments some consisting of multiple stations. That same dispatch center also handles police and ems calls. There could be easily 35-40 calls going on in the county at one time, so those dispatchers need to know exactly who is going where

Amen way to much radio traffic everyone feels like a big shot when responding. Listen to others counties, ours county seems like to many radio heads. Lol

Should be simple. Engine such and such with (number of interior ff on board) placement or assignment The end

They need computers in the apparatus so you can press responding. County acknowledges over the radio.

Not only Skook, Luzerne too. And we don’t need a 5 page dissertation when you arrive either. Quick size up and placement for everyone - done.

Couldn’t agree more! Way to much traffic on the radio that isn’t needed.

Some people in Berks County should also follow this.

Fire police are there for a different capacity they shouldn't been on the scene its self to big with

Glad to see somethings never change


Plenty of talking not a lot of communicating happening usually

I would like to hear the chief officers mark on scene then you could place them into the ics system where needed. I.E water supply, staging oic, safety, fire attack just to name a few

Preach.... I can't stand it either

Amen!!!!! 🙌🏼

It dose not matter yes pa requires you to take a class for everything office or not! So many fire departments ran illegally and without the right and proper training n it really shows! I been in since age 14 now am 27 I have upto Fire fighter 5 n even have it where I can jump into wild fires and call in for stuff others can’t because of what I do! A county needs to know who is responding on scene or available at all times! Book or no book law or no law! You don’t like it get lost because that’s what they tell us! On top of it all it’s also why scanners are going quiet


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Dist 59,8 and 68 for the rescue - Rt 209 cumbola - mva with people trapped ... See MoreSee Less

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8-01 with command

Reported 1 trapped , truck into a pole

59-11 enroute

68-53 enroute

Confirmed 1 trapped

59-02 advising patient extricated , cancel 68-53

No one was ever trapped on this call we got her out with on a backboard without doing mechanical maneuver to the vehicle Stop Believing everything you read

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Minneapolis PD take note...suspects can be apprehended without being murdered.

So he supposedly stole that car on Monday night and was only in Chambersburg today and arrested in Hagerstown. I guess he really didn't have much of a plan.

Thank god he was caught and he did not hurt anyone else. Thanks to all of the police forces that worked so diligently to find him.

Nice work policeman and policewomen! Thank you 🙏🏻

Great news!!! Thank you Jesus!!

Why wasn’t his neck stepped on until he died? This is so confusing.

Great news!!

Great job!

Wonderful news!!!!

We all knew PSP couldn't get him.LOL.

Great news.

Wonderful news!!!

Awesome! Good job!

Great job!

Great job!


Good news!

Awesome News!!

Thank goodness!!

Made it out alive.... awww how nice!

Thank the Lord!!!



Megan Marzella oh look who got apprehended safely

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4 days ago


Schuylkill County

Minersville Borough

429 Laurel Street

Fire District 52

Accident with heavy entrapment.
... See MoreSee Less

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District 52's rescue is out of service.

Chief 52 ordering 52-11 to "back down out of the way" and "leave room for the rescue".

Chief 52 directing Pottsville's rescue to approach from Sunbury and then head south on Third Street.

One patient ready to fly. Second patient going to require extensive, time-consuming extrication.

Lifeflight 5 and Medivac 7 both airborne. Less than a 10 minute ETA.

[City also working two other calls - an accident on West Market and a transformer fire near Hillside.]

13 year old entrapped in car. Multiple 52 engines responding. Chief 52 has command.

Chief 52 ordering a dash roll on the passenger side. EMS also requesting two helicopters to fly stat.

Extrication marked complete.

Adding Rescue 68-53 (Pottsville City) to the call.

*****CALL UPGRADED**** Now reporting cement mixer vs. car, heavy entrapment.

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Great photos Jason

Good Job Guys

Hope everyone was ok

Are you going to go

6 days ago


Schuylkill County

Fire Districts 34 and 39.

Chief's Request

Further information provided after Chief 39 went responding indicate this is for a cat in a tree. Cat has been in tree for 1 - 2 days.
... See MoreSee Less

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Pat Welker

34-05 doesn't think ground ladders will work. Mentioned a ladder truck as a possibility (but none requested as of yet).

County has assigned Fire South as an Operations Channel!

A 39 Chief, and 34-05 are both responding.

39 Chief, while en route, has upgraded the call. Requesting additional resources in an effort to successfully mitigate the incident. 39-10 now due on the call.

34-05 has performed a sizeup. He has informed Chief 39 / 39-10 that the cat is approximately 50 feet up in a tree, on the lakefront.

Chief 39 at station awaiting a driver. 34-05 heading down the driveway of the residence to perform a sizeup of the incident.

39-10 has arrived on location.

39-10 is "Reeeeesponding"

34-05 is on scene.

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Schuylkill: Dist 64,48RIT,43-20 respond 400 blk W Cherry St- House Fire ... See MoreSee Less

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Fire K/D 4320 arriving

6420 responding from city

48-50 on the road, c64 responding

Working fire

Dist 36, 64 and 48 for the rescues respond 399 Pennsylvania Avenue West Mahanoy Twp - MVA with entrapment 1 vehicle on its side end requesting struts from 48-50 ... See MoreSee Less

Image attachment

TRUCKS:13-10 13-15 13-50 13-70 14-10 14-30 14-70 22-14 12-10 67-50 10-10 10-30 58-15 58-25 A1301 13MUT
... See MoreSee Less

Image attachment

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this reminds me of that guy who ambused the police in the poconos and was on the run for awhile I think his name was frain

If I'm not mistaken he took a cash uber and stiff the driver

I didn't think Uber did cash transactions

Shared in E Stroudsburg area

Any vehicle description ?

Any updates?

Didnt he just take a cash uber

Janice Gallo Rosie Ponce be on the look out and tell Momma Carmen

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*Updated with corrected adress*
Franklin | Boro of Chambersburg | 140 S. Federal Street, Patriot Federal Credit Union | Vehicle Into the Building | Box 1-? | Eng 1-1, Twr 1 | Ops 3 | (04)
... See MoreSee Less

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Franklin advising PD on scene, vehicle has been removed, damage to the building is resulting in a flooding condition in the structure. (04)

It’s called a mistake!!! I guess you all don’t make mistakes do you. Thank you South Central PA First Alert. I appreciate your posts!!! I know you strive to give the best info possible but sometimes we all make mistakes. Thank you!

How many freaking times are people gonna crash into that building?!it goes up hill,theres a cement parking block there and a sidewalk.and of course the building.i just dont get it.do they gotta put rocks or an ATM there?!

The location is incorrect, other end of town.

I would probably try to make sure the information posted was correct

How did this happen

Is it by Federal street? Just passed there.

Needing another drive through?


Just how do you do that?


Jenalea Houser

Kailey Boyd

Joshua Leininger check this out! There goes all your money lol

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Cumberland | Dickinson Twp | 349 Pine Grove Rd, Mtn Creek Campground, Site 500 | ATV Accident | Box 6-1-02 | 36, 50, AC Co 7 | (04) ... See MoreSee Less

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HQ advising Life Lion on standby. (04)

HQ advising PSP will have a car enroute when they are available, also, Life Lion checking weather. (04)

Eng 1-36, AC Eng 7-1, MP 50, Micu 7-40, Amb 2-91, C 2-36, 36, 6a. (04)

Cmnd 6 holding Co 36 and EMS, remainder in service. (04)

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TRUCKS:20-10 20-15 20-16 68-12 68-25 68-53 A6809 M68A EMA101 52-11 52-22 68-18 M6803
... See MoreSee Less

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Confirmed fire above the loading docks

Caller stating a flare gun was shot into the air then landing on the roof now the roof is on fire

Fire knocked

Was someone being a jerk or was someone distressed lost in woods?

Feeds/areas currently monitoring include: Berks County, Carbon County, Cumberland County, Centre County, Dauphin County, Lancaster County, Lebanon County, Lehigh County, Northampton County, Schuylkill County, and 12-County Fire. The feed updates automatically when a new status is posted. The page will also refresh every 5 minutes if left open in a browser. Enjoy!

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