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Niagara County Sheriffs Office Press Release: Newfane Burglary Arrest 2/25/2020

Acting Sheriff Michael J. Filicetti announces the arrest of Lynzee R. Starkweather, 28, of Newfane, after a burglary in progress investigation on Walnut Street in the Town of Newfane. Starkweather entered an occupied residence and was surpised by the homeowner. Starkweather then left the residence.  After a check of the area by responding deputies, Starkweather was located and was in possession of items which were eventually identified as being stolen from a second residence in the same neighborhood. Starkweather was charged with two counts of Burglary in the second degree, a Class C Felony and two counts of Petit Larceny, a class A Misdemeanor.

 Starkweather  was held for centralized arraignment at the Niagara County Jail pending a future court date in Newfane Town Court.

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So sad to see a young person ruin their life


๐Ÿ™„ get a job like the rest of us!!

Our criminals are hot.. Take that Florida..

Doesnt matter will be released to commit more crimes with bail reform

Anyone should be prepared to get shot when you enter someone's home to steal

Related to the construction company?

Smug look on her face!!!

Get a job....

I know this face from somewhere..

Made her mama proud.....

Melissa Adinolfe Luke Adinolfe

And released probably

Loving that deep side part bruh.

Another stand up citizen...what a POS

Geez and I remember her from school!

This wasn’t a life touch picture was it?

This is sad, she was seen roaming around a family's members house about 9 this morning. Obviously she was on something and needs help


Dawn Powell

She looks so upset!

Come on ... get a job like the rest of us hard working people!

Kevin House... Remember her?

Lighten up people-she is not a pos- shes someones daughter- sister- granddaughter and mother -with problems- you can only hope that it never happens to anyone in your family....... its just sad.....

This makes me so sad, she was a wonderful girl growing up with. She just went down the wrong path and needs help to find herself again. This family is a good family... and it hurts to see how nasty people can be. This is someones daughter, sister etc. We all make mistakes and have to learn from them... but sitting behind a keyboard and saying hurtful things does not fix the situation. I hope things get better from here.

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Lockport E7 - 1 Park Ave. 2 car MVA with unknown injuries ... See MoreSee Less

Adams - Niagara Falls Blvd. & Nash Rd. 1 car MVA with possible injuries ... See MoreSee Less

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Is the road closed?

Hope all ok

Hope all is okay


Adams-3571 Niagara Falls Blvd. 2 car MVA with rollover & unknown injuries ... See MoreSee Less

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Right near B Cozy Motel

Be safe

Must be just over the border. Of Nt.

Any pictures of the accident

Samantha Brown

Stephanie Barros Michelle Wiatr Cassie Chowaniec

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NF E4 T1 - Main St. & Pine Ave. car vs. metro bus MVA with unknown injuries ... See MoreSee Less

Gates FD is on Trabold Rd with a working fire in a commercial building. Command has declared a second alarm fire. ... See MoreSee Less

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Hope everyone is ok...be safe

Be safe all!

The town Barnes

Be safe

Is it under control

what business?

Kelly Hartman

Sean Smith

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Ridge Road Fire District with mutual assistance from E10 for the reported house on fire - 1311 RIDGEWAY AV, GREECE ... See MoreSee Less

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2c15 reporting a working fire- 254 reporting fire in the rear of the house

Be carefully Brothers & Sister's Come home safe.

The almighty ridge rd district cant handle a house fire๐Ÿ™„

Great job today!

Be safe




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NF E3- Main St. & Cleveland Ave. 2 car MVA with no reported injuries ... See MoreSee Less

2 days ago

Monroe County Fire Wire

... See MoreSee Less

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Jason Wood look at there rdc set up

Gasport - 3571 Orangeport Rd. car vs. tree MVA with multiple rollovers & unknown injuries ... See MoreSee Less

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Nelson Tatu

Hope all is well looked like alot of smoke when we drove by

Hope everyone is okay! Just saw two or three ambulances fly by my house

Samantha Nicole Reyes Hernandez

Jenn Streppa Burch

Joesielynn Lobczowski

Heard the driver is all good

Timothy W Conley near you?

Rob Bennett Danny Fitzpatrick Jr. Crazy

Cathy Marie Macfarlane

Aaron Trombitas

Driver fine. Car totaled. Could of been much worse. Just missed the house. Hit porched which caused car to barrel roll several times

Is there any other info on this?

This was my parents home.Glad the persons ok.Frozen flower bed and bricks deflected the car and saved the home from to much damage and tree stopped the person from landing in a swamp.

oh boy, i heard the firehall and had a feeling it wasnt the nursing home this time. hope all is well ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

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Rochester Firefighters are responding for the reported house on fire / multiple calls - 121 MASSETH ST, ROCHESTER ... See MoreSee Less

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Prayers every one is safe

Be safe everyone

Multiple trucks!

I know fires need to be posted but I am out of town for a family emergency. I will be back in town Tuesday and will work on the calls then. Please be patient and thank you. ... See MoreSee Less

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Hope all is ok with you. Prayers heading your way. We are taking care of a family emergency here too.

Thank you Everyone who is supportive of Mike’s website. Unfortunately some people have a heart and some hearts are cold as ice. I love it how negative people can be. He clearly states he is out of TOWN for a FAMILY EMERGENCY!!!!!

Good luck. My goodness, your family should always come first. โค

Prayers are with you and your family ๐Ÿ™!

God speed! Prayers for you and your family!

Mike does a good job running this page even though he has a full time job and family and a he has a son sports. I even donated $$$ to help so the ecfwire can be online. Mike good thoughts for you and your family. If you don't how like the page Is run don't let the door hit you In the ass on your way out.

Prayers for your family

Good luck... If you don't like how the page is done.. leave instead of complaining.

Family first prayers for whatever situation your going thru

Family first! Travel safely...we will be here!

Good thoughts for you and family

Michael is there anything I can help you with I am sorry someone giving you grief

Prayers for you

Family first. Do what's important.

Hope things turn out okay. Family first

Safe travels

Family First

Why cant this page be like NCFW, that page is ran so much better

Best of luck we will wait

Family comes 1st

Please have a safe trip


stay safe!

OMG, if they are that anal about calls, buy a scanner and listen for yourself.

No need to post fires....

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Barker - 1712 East Ave. natural gas line that was struck by construction ... See MoreSee Less

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Sucks call before digging

Timothy Vaughn

Dan Wilson!!! Again!!

Call 811 before you dig next time

Tara Hill


If they were using construction vehicles, I'm assuming they did call 811. Sometimes they are not marked 100% on point. Instead of assuming they didn't call 811, how about you focus on if they are ok. Maybe we should focus on being nice to each other instead of immediately talking down a terrible situation.

Katie, just in case this applies to us somehow

Katie Rose

Yes but you can only use equipment to a few feet of the line. Then hand dig it.

Let me set the record straight it was my place, my construction guy got trailer to load demo to close to gas meter , which NESEG said should’ve have been replaced anyway , but with the weight in it crack the line ...thanks to Barker Fire Dept . and Police crisis diverted !

People who comment are so quick to judge because all the do is spend time on their phones minding other people's business cos glad all is good good luck

Glad it didn’t go that way ...

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4 days ago

Monroe County Fire Wire

... See MoreSee Less

Image attachment

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I don’t know what a night evolution is. All I can picture is wheelies in the dark. ๐Ÿคฃ

5 days ago

Monroe County Fire Wire

... See MoreSee Less

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Debbie McDowell

Central Square Fire
Mutual Aid To Brewterton
Structure Fire
Chalkstone Course
Reports of smoke pouring from apartment elderly woman still home
... See MoreSee Less

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Per brewterton... holding everything till things can be variafiled... brewtertoj car 2 on scene food on stove... holding all mutual aid in quarters

Oswego Town Fire
Possible structure fire
State route 104 and County route 20

Building filling with smoke..

Building is being evacuated

Oswego City
County Coordinators
... See MoreSee Less

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1811 on scene 2 Story commercial store on bottom apartments on top... nothing showing from the outside investigating....

All clear

Phoenix Fire

M/A :
Liverpool RIT
Moyers Corners

Working Structure Fire

Oneida River Road
XC county route 10 and 12
... See MoreSee Less

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Lystander snd plainville for tankers

Was this closer to the Onondaga side?

Central square

40 min timer

Thank you to our Brothers and Sisters in blue!!